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Lions Nordiska Samarbetsrådet NSR
Hyvinkää 2011
International Relations seminar

Norwegian representatives Otto Brödholt and Marit Klokkerhaug presenting

IR seminar materials

This website contains all the materials from the NSR IR seminar of 28.1.2011 at Hyvinkää, Finland as well as the agendas and minutes of the NSR IR directors´ meetings 28.1. and 30.1. in Hyvinkää.

Please observe: The following files are in the Microsoft Office format. You need to have the MS Office version 2003, 2007 or 2010 !! If you are using too old programs you may not be able to see the files.

Many of the files containing pictures are really big and can take a long time to download !

Presentations of the IR seminar

IR directors´ meetings 28.1. and 30.1.2011

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