Contact address:

PDG, past BSL president
Ilkka Siissalo
Nummenraitti 40
FI-04370 Rusutjärvi
Tel +358 40 8205380
ilkka.siissalo (a)

What is the Baltic Sea Lions ?

Our mission:

Baltic Sea Lions is a cooperation network of districts of Lions Clubs International around the Baltic Sea. Lions Clubs International is the world's largest service and humanitarian aid organisation operating in over 200 countries and having about 1,4 million members worldwide. Baltic Sea Lions (BSL) was created to improve communications between the Lions members in various countries around the Baltic Sea and to set up common projects as well as to facilitate delivery of humanitarian aid from one country to another.

Common values and interests, be they current and/or historic, create a platform for exchange and cooperation. The geopolitical changes of recent years have moved goalposts and created a whole new playing field for the Baltic Sea region. National borders for instance are no longer obstacles to a fruitful exchange of thoughts and activities. Moreover the biggest obstacle often is that one needs to know the right people in the respective countries to be able to get projects started. That's what the BSL is for.

Baltic Sea Lions - Your ambassadors around the Baltic Sea

Whom to contact?

The Baltic Sea Lions is organised in such a way that we have one key person, the BSL delegate nominated in each one of the nine countries around the Baltic. Whenever you want to contact fellow Lions, you can always use the BSL delegate as your starting point. They are happy to help you to get in touch with the right Lions members in their countries no matter what your topic of interest might be.

All BSL delegates meet once a year in the BSL coordination conferences. This meeting, which usually takes place in September, rotates around the various countries. One of the delegates in turn is elected to be the President of the Baltic Sea Lions. Currently the BSL president is RC Ragnar Lõivukene from Tartu, Estonia.

The current BSL president Ragnar Lõivukene of Estonia and our previous president Elzbieta Szmyd from Poland

BSL contact persons in the various countries

Here are the contact details of all the BSL delegates:


District governor Lutz Baastrup
Phone +49 461 51932, Fax +49 461 1503840, Mobile +49 151 147 461 90
e-mail lionlutzbaastrup (a)


Knud Loekkegaard
Phone +45 7588 1600
e-mail knud.loekkegaard (a)


District international relations chairperson Mona Neppenström
e-mail neppenstrom (a)


District governor Sanna Siissalo
Mobile +358 50 5601389
e-mail sanna.siissalo (a)


Club president Marina Zimina
e-mail lions (a)


Region chairperson, BSL president Ragnar Lõivukene
Phone +37 2 7485755, Mobile +37 25137728, Fax +37 2 5137728
e-mail loivukene (a)


Silja Thimsen
Phone +37 1 63454312, Mobile +37 1 26305583
e-mail siljathimsen (a)


Giedrius Indrasius
e-mail gindrasius (a)


Elzbieta Szmyd
Phone +48 5862 20463, Fax +48 5862 20463
e-mail e.szmyd (a)

In addition to the official delegates BSL has additional corresponding contacts and associate members in various countries:

Russia, St. Petersburg:

Past District Governor Alexander Zimin
Phone +78 123 440831
e-mail lions (a)

Svetlana Vatagina
e-mail sveta_va2004 (a)

Olga Filimonova
+79 21 950 3529


Past District Governor, international relations chairperson Ilkka Siissalo
Mobile +358 40 8205380
e-mail ilkka.siissalo (a)


Axel Scherrer
Mobile +41 614 115431
e-mail axelscherrer.reinecke (a)

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